Thursday, 13 August 2009


Hi everyone,

Here is the slideshow that I have uploaded in the free program SlideShare. This allows anyone to sign up and upload PowerPoint files to a publicly viewable space. I have uploaded a PowerPoint on the Lifecycle of a Butterfly which I used for my Prep class. This PowerPoint presentation is very simple, yet caters for a variety of learning styles. There are pictures for the visual learners and links to interactive sites for the audio and kinaesthetic learners. As the students are in Prep, I am unable to place text for them to read on the screen, hence the pictures!

Here is the slideshow:

This site also allows the user to create and upload a narration file. Once this has been uploaded, the user can synchronise the slides to fit the presentation (SlideShare, 2009). The presentation then becomes a video presentation. I have tried repeatedly to upload the narration file, but to no avail. I also attempted to use music that already existed on my computer, but this too did not work. I do believe, had this technology worked correctly, it would be useful within the classroom. Students could record using a microphone, their narration to their PowerPoint presentation. This could be used as a method of assessment and assist the shy students by allowing them to create this presentation, without peer judgement.

This learning tool links to the Active Learning pedagogical framework by:
(ACU Adams Centre for Teaching Excellence, 2000)

- Input. Students are receiving input through hearing the music and seeing the visual images.

- Process. Students collaborate with others to create their presentation. They also use various technologies such as microphones, music files, PowerPoint and SlideShare to create their presentation. They also need to use the scaffolding by the Learning Manager to assist them to successfully complete the task.

- Output. Students produce their own presentation, complete with an audio narration file. They load their presentation onto the SlideShare account to share with others. Students will also give their presentation in a time allocated by the Learning Manager in the classroom.

Once again, here is another fabulous program for use in the classroom. It would allow me to create authentic and rich tasks to suit this pedagogical tool.



ACU Adams Centre for Teaching Excellence. (2000). How does Active Learning work? Retrieved August 3, 2009, from Active Learning Online:

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  1. Hi Melissa,

    This PPT would work very well with some hands on manipulative materials. I have recently seen some educational tools which are replicas of this lifecycle (real and life like). For the kinesthic learner they could be an excellent addition.

    Students enjoy the interaction with technology, especially PPT. Imagine how they would be engaged with voicethread, voki and some of the other technologies we have learnt.


  2. Hi Kellie,

    Thanks for the suggestion. I have never heard of these educational tools - definitely something to look it to!

    There are a lot of elearning tools available to us as Learning Managers. Our role is to consider how we can best use these to enhance learning in our classroom.

    Thanks again,