Sunday, 16 August 2009

MediaFire (File Storage)

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Technology is a great learning tool, however, sometimes can be unpredictable. At times, when I have gone to use a USB stick to open a presentation or document found that it does not work and the files have been lost. Therefore, it is recommended that all files, such as photos and documents be backed up on another file system to ensure that data is not lost forever!

A handy file storage system that I have discovered through this course is MediaFire. Not only does it provide storage, but allows the user to share these files publicly on the web (MediaFire, 2009). Files can be uploaded and stored in customised folders, making it easier to organise and share files. It is also able to embed links to allow the user to share files through blogs, forums or websites. This site allows files to be set to either public or private, and passwords can also be added to ensure optimum safety.

Here is the link to the file that I have uploaded to be shared - Letter 'a' worksheet. This file is a worksheet that could be used with younger students in phonic lessons.

The use of this program within the classroom would allow the Learning Manager to upload files pertaining to classroom work for the students to download both during and after school hours. Students could also have access to provide additional security for assignments, as opposed to carrying USB sticks to and from school. This would also allow the Learning Manager to make classroom work publicly available for parents to access from their home or workplace. It would require the Learning Manager to place a password upon these files, to ensure that only parents would be able to view students' work. Other considerations that would have to be made are to ensure that any photos of students were either blurred, or permission was granted from parents/guardians.

The use of this site could also prove to be a great collaborative tool with other Learning Managers to share documents and images of different resources or ideas for the classroom.

The use of this technology can link to the ICT Learning Design Model. This framework discusses how the learning process has three stages (AusInfo, 2003):

- Learning Tasks – creating authentic and meaningful tasks.
- Learning Resources – identifying the resources required to complete the task.
- Learning Supports – scaffolding by the Learning Manager to ensure all students will be able to complete the task.

I believe that this site could be used within the Learning Resources and Learning Support sections of this model. The Learning Manager can assist students by uploading files that can be used as part of their resources for their tasks.

This technology is advantageous as a back-up storage facility as well as providing an opportunity to share files with others. The question that I have with this technology is the upload and download time required, considering the bandwidth speed at EQ schools. This could be overcome by the Learning Manager uploading or downloading files before or after school for students. Alternatively, the students could access their files at home. Overall, this is a worthwhile tool to use within the classroom to provide an online storage facility for the easy retrieval of data.



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